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Shipped Titles / Projects 

Unannounced Project (20??)

Unannounced Project...


  • Technical Documentation; Tracking Sheets.

  • Expensing / P.O for Recording Items.

  • Directing and Supporting Recording Sessions.

  • Sound Design; Asset Creation in Reaper.

  • Implementation via. Wwise.

  • Animation Tagging via. Unity.

  • Working with other disciplines e.g. Animation.

  • Quality Assurance; Playtesting; Mixing.

Gradient Background

(Shipped Title - Double Eleven)
Rust Console Edition, Halloween Update (2021)

During a special Halloween themed update, I created multiple looping ambiences for the front-end menu, featuring creepy whistling wind, nightlife creatures, creaking wood and rustling - creating the spooky vibe to match with the visuals.


  • Sound Design / Asset creation.


(Personal Project)
Batular Synth / MAXMSP Granular Synth (2023)

I began programming this throughout my BA(Hons) degree during my final year at The University of Huddersfield, and continued improving development after graduation.

Designed to aid sound design creation and manipulation, this is particularly fun for creating new and alien textures, pads, and even UI elements by altering the buffer grain window. 
Using the interaction scrub, you can alter the grain window movement direction backwards and forwards, speed, grain density, pitch, and window selection of the audio source. Additionally, it includes a moveable EQ filter graph that you can apply with presets; basic ms. delay, and a record out feature which allows you to directly capture the output and place the file into your chosen directory.  


  • Visual Programming in MaxMSP

  • Designing the Graphical User Interface

  • Hover Help Functions & User Instructions


(Shipped Title - Double Eleven)
Rimworld Console Edition (2022)

The console edition of Rimworld, a sci-fi management game, establishing new UI elements that needed additional audio to  signify messaging and movement.



  • Sound Design / Asset Creation.


(Shipped Title - Double Eleven)
Prison Architect DLCs, Perfect Storm, Gangs (2022)

More fun challenges for this simulation game were introduced within these DLCs, Perfect Storm introducing fierce weather and calamities, creating eventualities such as bursting pipes, as well as rats (voiced by me!), biting away at electrical cables (nibbled by me). And Gangs, introducing rivals within the prison bounds, creating SFX such as a food-fighting ambience.


  • Directing Recording Sessions.

  • Sound Design / Asset creation in Reaper.

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